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With over 15 years of practice, Dr. Sumner’s skills are exceptional. She has mastered Oriental Medicine and a myriad of techniques within the Eastern Philosophy and Training. She will educate and empower you throughout the treatment and you can relax knowing that you are in very good hands.

Acupuncture is simply a tool used to create an awareness in the body. Our body is designed to heal. When there is a problem, like pain, it is simply the system communicating the need for change. With specific nerve receptors at the skin level, acupuncture can influence the physiology of the body. That is, the brain gets the message from the acupoints and releases the response in an effort to regulate the situation. Modern Science has found that there are indeed different levels of energy, or Qi, at certain points along the body. These are the acupoints used to influence the path of energy. Just like gravity, there is a natural flow of communication through our systems. An imbalance or an interruption of this flow is what leads to the challenges in our health. Acupuncture is a great tool to assist the body in regaining its balance.

Related treatments that may be combined with Acupuncture include Micro Needling, Cupping, Gua Sha, NeuroLink, Nutritional Response Testing, NeuroEmotional Technique, and Quantum Neurology.

Acupuncture Packages

(most insurances accepted)

New Patient $175

The first visit includes and exam, intake and treatment plan devised by both you and the treating physician.

Regular Patients $130

Follow up visits vary depending on the person. The idea is to keep moving toward your goal, so as you change, so does your treatment.