NeuroEmotional Technique

NeuroEmotional Technique

Got it all handled? You sure? You’d be surprised what some of the little “Scale Tippers” can add up to over time. Behind every diabetic, heart condition and obese person, there are some incredible stressors that may run deeper than you know. Not to forget, any one who blinks and breathes has stress; be it physical, mental, emotional, environmental or other. We could all use a tune up in this department.

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N.E.T. is an incredible tool that we use to get incredible results. This technique is used to determine if a physical complaint is related to an emotional experience or memory. The evaluation is done by testing muscle weakness while the patient recalls feelings, experiences or memories. Once the triggering experience is identified, the patient is asked to focus on the memory and its impact on the body can then be released through the stimulation of various meridian points. Many common physical complaints can be related to emotional wounds or ongoing conflicts. These techniques do not replace psychotherapy to consciously resolve such issues, but are uniquely effective at relieving the physical components of emotional distress. In fact, patients involved in psychotherapy often find their overall progress vastly improved with the addition of Neuro-Emotional Technique.

Here are some quick examples of N.E.T.

With this tool your system may unlock some of the stressors that are keeping you unhealthy.  Again, we recommend that you check out the website for a better understanding before you come in. Then, make your appointment today!