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Make it Better Monthly

Our lives are busier than they’ve ever been. We know you may not have time to squeeze everything into 24 hours. Who needs sleep, right? (Just kidding, sleep should be at the top of the list!) I often discuss how many of us wanted to recycle, but until those extra recycle cans came around, few of us really made the effort. Now it is standard, or should be if it’s not already. In addition to the act of recycling, there is the intention of doing something to help. Save a tree, conserve water, create jobs…these are just some of the benefits from simply putting your cereal box in the “other” can. And what did it cost you? In this case, likely a 6-inch stretch of your arm to the can right next to your trash.

That said, right living and right action make a shift that has a positive ripple effect. At Reveal Wellness, we want to help make more shifts. We’ve created a stream of events we call Make It Better Monthly. Want to pitch in and be part of some thing bigger? Want to be part of something that makes a difference? We welcome you to join us for Make It Better Monthly. Each month we dedicate some time, effort, energy and/or savings to a worthy cause. We support our fellow humans in times of need. It may be collecting clothes and shoes, feeding the homeless, cleaning up a park, building a playground, painting a school, singing with hospitalized patients, the list goes on.

Have a skill to share? Please check our calendar and sign up to participate. Our efforts are organized and effective so if you would like to be involved, please let us know as soon as possible.