Your Complete Guide to Wellness


You’ll Be Heard (Evaluation)

Despite what you THINK you have, we have developed a multitude of tools to assess and evaluate your challenges. You see, we truly take the time to listen and understand what is going on with you. We will take complete and comprehensive exams measuring different systems that work together, which are often missed by a single analysis. We’re not made of just muscles and bones! You will be surprised and delighted to learn along with us what other factors may be involved.


You’ll Be Empowered (Education)

We take the time to explain to you what we have discovered. We have learned that empowered patients who take ownership of what’s going on are far more successful then those who come in looking for a quick fix. Our goal is for you to leave feeling hopeful and ready to take the steps you need on your journey toward your best health.


You’ll Receive Value (Treatment)

Our caring team supports you from the moment you arrive until you leave and even in between appointments. Together we come up with a plan and help you see it through. As your condition changes, so does your treatment. A great fit gets great results!

Providing Comprehensive Healthcare Services



At Reveal Wellness...

we practice the art and science of true holistic healing, inside to outside and top to bottom. We believe that you cannot separate the mind and body - every aspect of a person is taken into consideration. This means every patient receives a specifically formulated treatment plan, where treatments change as your health progresses. We strive to show our patients that what we provide is not merely an alternative form of treatment but rather a primary care approach. Serving the Beach Cities and South Bay community for decades, we look to provide solutions to all of your healthcare challenges.

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