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Our Super Staff

  • Staysea Sumner L.Ac., PhD

    After receiving her Bachelor’s degree from SUNY Buffalo, Dr. Staysea Sumner continued her studies at the University of Salamanca in Spain. Afterward, she relocated from her home in New York to Los Angeles where she pursued her degree in Acupuncture…

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  • Eric DeBoard, DC

    His journey of becoming a chiropractor started in high school when he suffered an injury playing tennis. He went for a serve and he heard a pop in his shoulder. After the pop he wasn’t able to lift his arm…

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  • Christina Song, L.Ac.

    Dr. Christina has a vivacious, energetic and dynamic nature. She is a true human lover who is determined to help individuals experience peace and calmness throughout their health journey. As a mobile acupuncturist she has experience and a versatile compassion…

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Sandy D., CMT, CCT
Carmem M., CMT, CCT, CCA
Lucie C., CMT
Lisa L., CCA Customer Service Enthusiast
Meriah H., Customer Service  Enthusiast
René A., Instructor Extraordinaire
Tracy L., Instructor Extraordinaire
David Romero, Instructor Extraordinaire