His journey of becoming a chiropractor started in high school when he suffered an injury playing tennis. He went for a serve and he heard a pop in his shoulder. After the pop he wasn’t able to lift his arm past 90 degrees without extreme pain. Eric went to several doctors trying to find a solution so that he could play. Two chiropractors only adjusted his clavicle saying that’s all they could do for it. No change occurred after these adjustments.

His coach recommended that he see a chiropractor that he knew that had a different approach to health care. Eric was willing to try one more time before his last resort of surgery would have to be taken.  The doctor worked on some muscles and gave rehab exercises in order to allow the shoulder to function properly and coupled with adjustments, he was able to play tennis without pain after a few treatments.

Eric was amazed at the profound affect this doctor had on his body in allowing him to recover to play tennis again without pain. He became obsessed with the vision of allowing people to achieve their goals by allowing the body to heal itself. He went on to play college tennis for Point Loma Nazarene university while working on his kinesiology degree.  He took a year off to coach with his mentor and then went into chiropractic school.

He graduated in April of 2021 and throughout it has studied applied kinesiology. Eric was faced with a tough situation when his mentor and coach of 12 years died from complications from leukemia and was forced to co-head coach the El Dorados men and women’s team mid season. This all occurred in his last trimester of chiropractor school. He is resilient and tough and has a great passion for health and wellness.