Opus – Pure Sonic Bliss


Immersive Sound and Vibration for Emotional Fitness

You will be able to experience a diverse catalogue of Sonic journeys or sessions which integrate many different healing frequencies; From binaural beats and iso-chronic tones for indulging desired brain waves states to targeted waves such as solfeggio tone harmonics that assist in balancing the energies of your body and mind period music based sessions are tuned into 432 Hertz in alignment with the natural harmonics of the earth's electromagnetic field. The bed itself primarily vibrates at deeper base frequencies-150 Hertz and below while the full range of audible sound comes through the headphones. This interplay between hearing and feeling opens up a whole new dimension of immerse and sound healing where you are literally inside of the waves.

What is OPUS™?

OPUS™ is like a home gym for your heart. SoundBed™ uses vibroacoustic technology to deliver low-frequency vibrations throughout your body that quickly releases you out of stress response and into a place of deep relaxation and receptivity. The OPUS™ platform will include journeys, live experiences, guides and community to support you on your path to greater emotional fitness.

Why do it?

The better we can guide and elevate our emotions, the more powerfully we meet the demands of life, the more consciously we can shift our feeling state, and the stronger our relationships and ability to create the life we desire.

How does it work?

This is a vibroacoustic SoundBed™ that allows you to listen to meditations, frequencies, music and translates it into a full somatic experience of vibration throughout the body. It can be used to amplify other modalities such as meditation, breath work, SoundHealing™, and more.

What frequencies are used?

It can channel a wide range of frequencies. There will be many diverse audio journeys you can experience that will integrate different frequencies, isochronic tones, etc. aligned with different parts and energies of the body and desired brainwave states. The bed itself vibrates at deeper hertz while the audio (headphone) experience will be the full range of audible frequencies.</p><p>We're collaborating with experienced audio and vibroacoustic engineers, sound healers, expert guides and others in the "music as medicine" space to ensure that the content for SoundBed™ (including frequencies used) is optimized for the three pillars of our emotional fitness approach - to restore (heal), to shift (elevate), and to create (attract). SoundBed™ is a very powerful tool and we take our responsibility very seriously for ensuring a safe and optimal experience.

OPUS™ SoundBed Packages

Menu Single Session 5 Pack 10 Pack
OPUS Session $25.00 $110.00 $220.00
Memberships 2 per month 4 per month Unlimited
OPUS Session $45.00 $85 $150
Membership is a minimum 2 month purchase Max 1/day